The skin is composed of three main layers: Epidermis-Derma-Subcutaneous Layer
The pressure, the constant rubbing on the skin, activates the pressure sensitive nerve endings in the outermost layer of the skin, causing a sensation of pain and leave the skin red and irritated. These are the main causes of inflammation which creates the separation of the first two skin layers.
The space between the layers is filled with natural secretion liquid which acts as an autonomous “First Aid” of the skin, to protect itself from pain, this liquid forms a surface cushion: a lesion which is commonly called BLISTERS.
Additional pressure or rubbing on the bladder creates pain and a break in the skin.

The person first feels discomfort and then pain and is unable to continue physical activity.
Damaged skin can contract infections and slow down the healing process by also damaging the second layer of skin.

Small and medium blisters

Small and medium blisters

The Benped solution for
Benped hydrocolloid patches
with Hydrocolloid Microcoll®technology

It prevents and reduces pain
and heals scars.

Advanced wound care

The Hydrocolloid Microcoll® technology for wound care originates from the experience of hospital use on patients with chronic wounds such as:
Treatment of malignant cells, unhealed surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure sores

The Microcoll® Hydrocolloid System creates an optimal moist environment and restores the natural hydration of the epidermis, which facilitates the natural healing process of the skin.
It acts as a second skin to promote rapid wound healing.
Thanks to the ideal environment created by BENPED Hydrocolloid Microcoll®, an optimal action generated by BENPED blister patches is activated, which allows new skin cells to spread rapidly towards the bottom and sides of the wound, thus speeding up the healing process .
Provides rapid pain relief and contributes to rapid healing.

Properties and advantages of the Hydrocolloid Microcoll® system

  • The special structure of the patch, waterproof on the outside but lets the skin breathe from the inside.
  • Absorbs evaporates excess moisture.
  • It repels the germs that cause the infection
  • Reduces healing time.
  • It reduces scarring and pain.
  • Avoid any risk of external bacterial contamination.
  • Avoid inflammatory processes..
  • It is easy to use.
  • It lasts a long time.
  • It is effective and safe.

How does it work

  • The blasters exudate absorption process follows a physical-chemical mechanism known as “phase reversal”:
  • In the first phase, the micro suspension of hydrophilic CMC * particles are included in the water-repellent elastomer matrix which forms the “continuous phase”.
  • The plaque adheres only to healthy skin, thanks to the adhesive elastomer properties. There is a dry grip in the center
  • In contact with the exudate the CMC * creates a viscous GEL and the elastomer matrix extends to contain more quantities of CMC * gel with a moisturizing effect
  • The wound has direct contact with the non-adhesive wet Hydrocolloid in the center.
  • In addition, the film that covers the wound evaporates the part of the exudate water and balances the skin’s moisture.


Calluses are hyperkeratosis of the skin or a thickening of the surface layer of the skin in response to pressure.
Calluses are usually formed on the toes, where the bone is prominent and the skin presses against the shoe, the ground or other bones. As the callus becomes thicker, the underlying tissues are subject to greater irritation.
There may be a deep formation: a nucleus where the callus is more massive and more painful. As the calluses become inflamed, there is pain and sometimes swelling and redness.
They most commonly form on the top surface of the toe and on the toe and between the toes.

Small callus

Small callus


The Benped solution for
Benped hydrocolloid patches
with Hydrocolloid Microcoll® technology

The hydrocolloid application:

  • Cushions external pressure
  • Gives immediate pain relief
  • Helps soften callosity
  • It promotes its progressive elimination
  • Promotes the restoration of soft and elastic skin